Sunday, August 18, 2019

I have not slept well in the last year and a half. I am constantly worried about the things I do when I’m sleeping. I wake up getting flash backs. These flashbacks are not pleasant. And the flashbacks included other people that are not there when I awake.

Well, a year ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that my phone charger was in my car which is in the garage attached to my condo. I went in the garage looking for my charger since my phone is at 4%. As I was in the garage, I hear conversation, muffling whispers outside of my house. I’m thinking possibly it is my neighbor and thought nothing of it. As I find my charger, and enter the house, to my left is my front door. And with my front door I do have a storm door that, I, at times forget to lock. So as I walk in, I hear my door knob moving and talking of more than one person. I freaked out. Adrenaline rushed, fear took over. I wanted to hide. I had many options as to where to hide, but all those options are in the garage. So I decided to climb up in the shelving in my garage and lay down at the top where it would require extra look to see me and if anything I can kick their face. But I prayed to God that they don’t come in the garage. I do hope they go in to get what they needed and leave. I really was hoping they don’t take my notes because those would be irreplaceable and the rest are all replaceable and I wasn’t worried.

Shit, I heard the door to my garage opening. I prayed hard core that they don’t go in any further and just look in and realize no one is in the garage. I hear a spraying noise and they shut the door. about 5 minutes later, I felt myself feeling very drowsy and I fell asleep and woke up at 1pm. I didn’t get to pick up my daughter, my ex husband is pissed I didn’t pick up my child, I’m freaking out nothing was moved in my house, and no sign of break in. For a second there I was wondering if I was going crazy. But although I knew I cannot prove it, I know for a fact people were in my house for a long time as a I slept.

After this traumatizing experience, I have had flashbacks of what might have happened that scary night. I got an alarm system to protect myself at night and that was not working. I still felt super unsafe when I close my eyes. I bought door jams, motion sensors, and cameras to find out what the fuck Is going on. This one is very hard to prove to authority as I have tried. I reported many times of break in, as in someone has been in my house and moving things around but I don’t see anything missing. The police says there are no sign of break in.

It’s been a year and a half… Through this time I feel I’ve been running and running from this yet it had brought me closer and closer to it.

As I ask questions, a lot of answers I’m not really sure came flowing in about that night. The truth hurts. I realized that no alarm system or any home security, gun or pepper spray can really protect me from what is going on, nor can it protect you.

Why do I say this? I realized that the people that broke in my home had used chloroform. I had been sleeping all day and it bothers me how much I fell asleep, it just didn’t make sense. My theory is they sprayed chloroform into my house from outside, in hope it would put me to sleep deep enough to where when they break in to my house, I wouldn’t hear it or wake me up. But I was in the garage where I was not able to breathe that in until they opened my garage door and possibly spray it in the garage. So because of that, I did hear them break in and I heard a few people but I did not see them until I fell asleep.

Chloroform is an anesthetic that knocks you out and no matter what they do to you, even move you from one house to the other, you would have no idea. Doctors use this for surgery and now it can be made at home based on youtube and the internet. I don’t think this should be legal. Because I had no idea that chloroform exists, that idea did not hit my mind, until I had a flash back of some cloth being put in my face, and shows me knocking out. It was then I looked it up and came across chloroform. This scares me because people on youtube shows a supposedly funny commercial called, “nap time” which you spray chloroform to the children and they “nap time”. It’s just wrong!

What is dangerous about Chloroform is you can have all the gun, dogs, pepper spray etc with you to protect your home and your family, but if everybody in the home is knocked out under the influence of chloroform, you are defenseless.

I have seen myself being sexually assaulted and abused during the time I was knocked out that night, so they must have found me and moved me, but I have no way of proving it.  The scary part is I feel they continuously come back and I even think they have installed hidden spy cameras in my house…I am defenseless.

I had a wi-fi security camera that they were able to hack into… Although front point security denies this accusation, they cannot explain the lights that go on my wi-fi camera that they provided. It’s a horrible security system. They call late to check on you so therefore calling the police is delayed. And I just wasn’t getting the security I needed. All home security system is outdated anyways. What is the security system for someone chloroforming you and if they have the ability to hack into easily hacked systems such as internet, wifi, cameras, cell phones and computers.

What scared me, my friend told me his dad was in the Navy, and he had a friend that woke up overnight feeling like something happened to him at night. Bruises an sores here and there. Always a bit lost. The instincts tell him something happening at night but logic and facts was just not adding up. He got really depressed and almost suicidal. So after two months, he got a spy camera and in the camera was another Navy Man was caught chloroforming the sleeping Navy guy and raping and sodomizing him. That’s scary.

I got in an accident yesterday and what if I died and never got to tell a soul about the abusive use of chloroform. It is scary and we need to do something about it. How do we defend ourselves from this type of invasion. It’s a terror attack in its own form. So if any of you have any idea… We need to pass the word! Share this and help everybody be aware of invasions with the use of the weapon, chloroform.

It’s been hell for me and I need someone who cares to help me and help our society from having access to such dangerous weapon that makes us totally defenseless.


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