Sunday, August 18, 2019

I’m just so exhausted that I finally spoke about my traumatizing experience and will continue to speak about it so people are aware and won’t have to experience what I experienced. After dealing with this trauma for over a year I’ve decided to really full on get involved to help keep our neighborhood safer. I just don’t want to run anymore. I want this to stop. I want these people who are doing such destructive hurtful acts, to find better things to do with their life instead of throwing it away and risking it all when they get caught. Their lives are ruined. They’ve ruined mine and I just don’t want anymore lives ruined.

I’ve decided to get involved. Little by little, I am finding my way to getting involved in the community, with the city, possibly become a Board Member and maybe City Council. You never know. I just want to be in a place where I can make a difference and help other people, be a part of the creation of a safer community for everybody, and assist in creating opportunities to do good towards humanity instead of doing bad where you are harming people. 

But I do hope you stay tuned in with me and follow my journey. I’m looking forward to where this take me and I’ll make sure to share what I find out, learn and observe through this process. Namaste!


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