Sunday, August 18, 2019

Well I want to explain why my tarot reading on youtube got put on hold. And because I am truly grateful that my subscribers has not left me even in months that I had not done a video on tarot reading. I’m sure they didn’t notice…LOL… but, I am grateful for your subscription and I do hope you stay because I do have better plans for my channel.

Well, I felt pushed and guided to do tarot reading on youtube and it was great and fun. But with the psychic ability being accepted within my life, it heightens and with the heightening, comes adjustments to energies and frequencies, and at the same time dealing with my own shit. It was a tough journey to overcome myself, my ego and, my fears… and to really hang tight to my faith. What that faith is to me, is of God. Well, that would be another topic to write about. 

Well, heightening of my psychic abilities and access to many dimensions and information were expanding and quite mind blowing. One must learn to center themselves during these times of expansion. How do you center yourself, is the journey to experience. It is within you that you find that answer. Faith keeps you afloat to know there is light at the end of the tunnel. No, not death, hopefully, well, not that far… but there is a breather through moments of perceived struggle which is you centering yourself. 

Okay, so I stopped because I went through, to what I see, was a spiritual bootcamp.  Which put all my focus in centering me and my family. The energy moved us to places left and right and I mean that literally. No time was wasted. 

I felt as I was dealing with all these things that you only see in movies, and they are becoming of me and then also dealing with my ego and fears, I just didn’t quite know how authentic I can be. To speak of strength and braveness when I am dealing with that darkness inside me, would seem legit. And I couldn’t very well quite explain the wisdom because I haven’t quite been able to shed light to it. 

I felt I just wouldn’t be able to give the message out the way I want it to with my current authentic state of mind. So I held off and took the chance, in hope my subscribers will stay and see me through. I really want my messages to be of authenticity to unconditional love. That is one of the reason I held off. 

Well, that’s a pretty big reason. It could be a stupid reason. In hindsight, I realized and watched other tarot readers who pushed through their darkness and continued to serve people. But it is in their interpretations where it showed grayness. And that’s fine because we evolve. It’s actually pretty cool to see the evolution of a person. But, I sigh, because it was mind blowing and became almost too much for me. 

So, here’s another reason, I love the traditional tarot decks. But I have issues learning them. The logical and symbolic ideal of it confuses the crap out of me. Is that my self questioning myself? Possibly but I’m not confident with my tarot reading skills. I’m more out of nowhere guesser type deal psychic. I realized I seemed to have access to The Book Of Life but I don’t really just spew out information from it. One must ask to know. Then I can provide that. 

I did a lot of face to face tarot reading. I like the simplicity of Soul’s Journey Tarot Cards and the Fairies always are so helpful and their energies are ever so revealing. Those are my go-to cards. I get more out of those cards than the traditional Tarot Deck. I mean it’s been a year, when I read the traditional tarot cards by looking at it logically, symbolically, I just have issues. When I lose that part and go intuitively, I can do that but I really wanted to learn it in its symbolic and logic form. Although, I have been discouraged, I have not given up. Slowly but surely. 

I yell out authenticity and shit out there so much, I wanted to find my authenticity, so that I can authentically represent myself with no worries. It’s all about being able to talk the talk and walk the walk. Christ Consciousness. Healing. 

Part of the journey, I guess, is losing my job of fourteen years. That nine to five job. I felt, no matter how I held on to committing to this job, I was being pushed out and for the stupidest reason, that I can’t help but think that there is something greater for me out there. So, again, in that angle of life, I also had to rebuild a foundation. I’m having death and rebirth in all angles of my life and good thing I’m a multi-tasker. 

I really do try to keep my subscribers, up to date and I’m trying to find my groove back. I do have quite a few projects and it’s really maximizing different platforms for the reason I am here with you. 

Well, as I’ve given up most of my material things in life. I have a suitcase left of belongings. My mom did feel bad and got a storage for my bedroom set. A friend helped out. But I moved so much in one year.  Intuitively, I felt I was being asked to let go of things, items, materials, earthly things in literal terms… so I did. I even sold my home. I figured those are all replaceable. 

Well as of now, I am unsure of where to live, I live with my parents until I can decide where to go from here. I am grateful that my parents are letting me crash for a few months until I get my head out of my ass. I wasted a lot of time and money going around in circles in regards to my home. I need to make smarter decisions or should I say, have I not paid my dues yet? I want my own home again. 

So I have been saving up, in hope to pay for a home cash. It’s ambitious but I’m not doing this alone. I’ve been doing a lot of reiki healing and that part of me has taken me to a whole different world. I’ve been doing life coaching through psychic readings. And I have been doing Real Estate for 11 years, that always help my family. And donations are so generous. They all go to me getting a home. So I can have a stability to serve. 

I’ve been hustling, pretty much. I’m a single mom who wants to change the world for my children and your children, for all of us, in many generations to come. So you’re follow, likes, subscription and continuous support and understanding is much appreciated. I love you guys.


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