Sunday, August 18, 2019


Archangel Raphael says this for 86 42 789 and for  16 612 485 97895:

  1. This code is safe for use in children--there is a safety feature in the energy--it won't be too much and cannot cause harm.
  2. It is a dual-purpose code, one for mental/behavioral concerns and the other for common childhood illnesses.
  3. FOR ADHD:  continue all medications as prescribed by a physician because abrupt withdrawal can have substantial consequences to the health of your child.
  4. FOR SUSPECTED ADHD: there is no harm in the code use, but if no improvement is seen, please take the child for a full medical work up.


  • write the code on the chest area
  • had the person rest for at least one hour
  • no big strains, driving a vehicle of any kind--responsiveness is limited for several hours
  • This code may be used with the same directions for measles, german measles (Rubella), ear/nose/throat pain attributable to inflammation, polio
  • Use your heart and your inner guidance
Ask for All Divine Assistance to help you every time, and to correct for any mistakes you might accidentally make in using them.

Spiritual Toolbox

  • 44 44 444 - For awaken to all things angelic

  • 89 65 215 - For acceptance of What Is--your contribution to your life situation, to see this clearly, and for guidance to navigate your way through the situation at hand
  • 996 187 - To ease the energy of cliques and the destructive character assassination shown by females to other females in a social or work setting
  • 56 117 571 - For those who bully others to be filled with LOVE instead of the desire to bully others
  • 1323 498 725 - To reverse a bad attitude (change negativity to love)
  • 56 78 321 - To easily identify the energy signature of another
  • 65 62 792 - For harmony, forgiveness and resolution after conflict with others
  • 08 22 517 - To experience happily ever after--your personal one, and in couples, if it is desired by both who are in the couple
  • 21 21 653 - To KNOW one's heart's desires, free of conflicting thoughts and energy
  • 45 826 9994 5789 - To enhance creative flow and inspiration
  • 45 892 456 7478 69925  - Clears negative emotions
  • 12 215 987 6412 - Releases excess energy
  • 22 21 568 - To lift resentment and to exchange it with the vibration of peace
  • 25 19 876  - For the lost and socially isolate to find their way and their purpose
  • 84 72 167 - For self-love and self-worth to increase to optimum healthy levels
  • 58 963 8114 - To soothe an aching heart
  • 56 11 213 - For memories to erase of what is not right for you; for what brings you down
  • 24 824 9625 - To increase motivation
  • 23 65 189 - To make steps forward when there is hesitance as a habitual response which is ingrained by society; to release from the grip of self-doubt
  • 51 34 581 - To shine one's light brightly no matter what is going on in their life experience
  • 99 25 881 - For people to be so full of love and respect for you that nothing can come out but love and respect for you; and for you to be so filled with love and respect for them that nothing can come out of you but love and respect for them (this is for protection from other people's projections and misinterpretations)
  • 14 72 896  To promote a sense of unity with All That Is
  • 18 51 350 - To experience the energy of the seashore when one is landlocked

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