Sunday, August 18, 2019

I was recently asked out for a dinner and a movie. Interestingly, the movie he suggested was a scary, horror movie type deal. It was the movie, The Nun. My initial reaction to this question whether I’m okay to watch this movie was not quite enthusiastic. It’s not that I’m afraid… okay well, I do get afraid. I have not watched any scary movies since my psychic abilities have skyrocketed to the roof. Specially, when I realized that everything we’ve seen before our eyes is what becomes of our universe in its entirety, in theory. So, I’ve been quite careful and know for a fact we have to be careful what kind of scenery we put before us to experience.

I watched the movie with Rosemary where exorcism exist and ghost and possession. The girl, Rosemary, would get possessed around two to three in the morning and this was supposedly a true story, to which I do believe it happened.  However after watching this movie and for a couple years afterwards, I would wake up around that time almost every night for a couple months and it lessened through the years. I would get super freaked out. It was not a joke, it was literally traumatizing experience.  I, all of a sudden, feared the unknown in the middle of the night. And I feared the possibility of what happened to her in the movie might happen to me. It took a lot of prayers to rid of the fear and gain my strength in my faith I’m protected. But then I think to myself, she probably thought she was protected too. Do you see why the fear that was sparked grew into flames with me? I can drive myself crazy sometimes.

Well, I haven’t watched these horror, scary movies since the last three years I have been in training for my psychic and healing abilities. I’ve had to deal with much real craziness than of Rosemary’s movie. So I decided to brave it out and watch the movie. Not really sure and just trusting that I’m fine and there must be a reason why, I agreed to watch the movie.

Now this isn’t a movie review, but the movie was okay. Nothing crazy scary. The surprising sound effects are what got me to jump but in someway it is of light-hearted scary movie. It’s okay that it’s scary and creepy because the scene was in a land with an old church in the middle of old ages community in England or something. Like I said, this is not a review, so the location of the movie might be wrong.

I found it very interesting mid-movie when the Girl in the movie tells her story of having visions. And at one point she was assumed crazy. It’s interesting because she says in the movie that there is always one things she remembers out of her visions, is at the end of her visions, she would here “Mary points the way”… Until the Vatican had heard of her and had helped her and accepted her visions which led her to the high point of the movie. But in the movie, in the midst of her fears, in the midst of what seemed to be of evil energy… She came to recognized that her visions were Gifts of God.

I wanted to cry but I didn’t because that was the message and the reason I came to watch this movie. I have visions and recently I have been seeking for a clarity, explanations, answers. Although, most of my visions have been confirmed and validated by other people, who are even skeptics… I needed this message. I needed to understand that this ability is something I should not fear and really learn to understand and empower to trust and have faith in myself, in my truth. And that these visions are a gift from God.


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